Top right: Dalarna Media Library, Falun (SE) 2014 ( Photo © : Bara Bild )
Bottom right: UCN Campus in Aalborg, 2016 ( Photo © : Jakob Lerche )

The City in the Building
ADEPT works within the fields of architecture and urban planning with specific focus on the human scale in cities and buildings. The office was founded in 2006 by Anders Lonka, Martin Laursen and Martin Krogh, that are in charge of ADEPTs creative work.
ADEPT’s professional approach is concerned creating an even closer relation between architecture and urban development. To re-think the relationship between the city and the building. It is an engagement with city spaces and the limits of the public realm that creates value and generates new forms of space in ADEPT’s work. Our projects thus meet both the individual needs of the projects and add value and innovation to the urban environment.
Martin Laursen
Martin Krogh
Anders Lonka
Landscape Architecture
Urban Planning