Left: Parliament House Annexe, Helsinki 2004 ( Photo © : Voitto Niemelä )
Top right: Metsa Group Headquarters, Espoo 2012 ( Photo © : Mandi Halonen )
Bottom right: Finnforest Modular Offices, Espoo 2005 ( Photo © : Voitto Niemelä )

“Helin & Co Architects is a Finnish studio for architectural design, urban planning, interior, industrial, graphic and visual design led by Pekka Helin. Over many years we have exported services to several European and Asian countries.

Our portfolio includes design tasks in all fields of architecture ranging from large scale city planning, public, commercial and office buildings to housing projects and interior design. We have also taken actively part in developing the building industry both in Finland and abroad.

We have won 40 first prizes in domestic and international architectural competitions and 35 awards in Finland and abroad.”

For more information, visit our website www.helinco.fi.
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