Top right: Umeå School of Architecture, Umeå, 2010 ( Photo © : Åke Lindman )
Bottom right: The Opera of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, 2004 ( Photo © : Adam Mørk )

Good, social and community-creating space
Henning Larsen Architects is an international architecture company with strong Scandinavian roots. Our goal is to create vibrant, sustainable buildings that reach beyond themselves and become of durable value to the user and to the society and culture that they are built into. We shape, challenge and change the physical environment – from masterplans, urban spaces and buildings to interior design, components and strategic design – with the overall objective of providing the user with a strong, visionary and thoroughly prepared design adapted to the specific context. Henning Larsen Architects attaches great importance to designing environmentally friendly and integrated, energy-efficient solutions. Our projects are characterised by a high degree of social responsibility – not only in relation to materials and production but also as regards good, social and community-creating spaces.
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Urban Planning
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