Foto © Tuomas Uusheimo
Foto © Tuomas Uusheimo
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Foto © Tuomas Uusheimo
Foto © Tuomas Uusheimo

Viikki Housing for Elderly

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Agronominkatu 7, 00970 Helsinki, Finnland

The Viikki Housing for Elderly building was a result of an invited architectural competition in 2001. The building is used by the Helsinki Deaconess Institute Hoiva Ltd. The building is part of a larger group of housing and service facilities, which includes the Viikki church, grocery stores and youth facilities. The original plan also included a healthcare centre.

The building, together with the associated outdoor areas, forms a single entity. The building blocks and courtyards are structured between the longitudinal limits of the site. The courtyards divide the longitudinal mass into crosswise residential blocks, which are interconnected, via a central axis that runs through the building.

The Viikki Housing for Elderly building has 122 residential apartments and two 18-apartment group homes. The common areas and services are located next to the main entrance. There is also a large living room for the inhabitants and a 50-person restaurant space.

The longer building façades are made of light brick. The courtyard facades are plastered in yellow. The street-side yards present a more urban atmosphere while the park-side yards open to the nature. The four-floor high building adapts to the park and the housing area on the other side of Agronominkatu. The two-floor high service part supports the scale and identity of the church hall.

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