: Puri Sierra Gorda: An Artificial Oasis in The Atacama Desert

Sierra Gorda, Antofagasta Region, Chile
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Architecture & Human Rights (ARCH+H.R.)
Sierra Gorda, Antofagasta Region, Chile
2025 - 2030
BHP & amp, Sierra Gorda Commune
Architect Jorge Lobos, Architect Nina Jensen, Architect Ricardo Labarca

Sierra Gorda is a miner city in the Atacama Desert surrounded by three of the biggest copper
companies of the World. These mine companies give a better material life condition to the population
quite over the Chilean average but, on the other hand, the inhabitants live in extreme environmental
conditions and with a health level under the Chilean average.
Puri-Sierra Gorda is a project of applied research which uses 100% of the sewage water and 100% of
the organic garbage of the village to create a Green Ring around the city with different species of trees
and bushes in order to mitigate the dust and pollution that bring the wind of the desert. At the same
time we improve the life quality of the citizen and materialize the dream of the population: a greener
village, more protective, and healthier.
Through this pilot experience we expect to contribute to the Chilean public policies and inspire other
countries to follow this experience.

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