AART architects is a high-performance team of 55 architects, constructing architects and designers who work with the community as a value-creating element. With offices in Denmark and Norway and several first prize projects in international architecture competitions, AART architects is one of the trend-setting studios in Scandinavia.


AART architects strive to give meaning and intimacy to everyday life by creating vibrant spaces for social communities and achieving the highest architectural quality. In order to lead the development of a sensuous and innovative architecture, the studio has engaged in several research and development projects over the years.


In this way, AART architects has built extensive knowledge of materials, technologies and user requirements which, combined with the studio's organisational strength in financial and project management, provides the studio with a strong platform for developing cutting-edge solutions and innovative concepts.


In continuation hereof, the studio is organised into four research teams: Integrated Design, Green Design, Health Design and Value Design. The four research teams form a common thread in the studio’s professional development and give added value to each project by developing new methods within the fields of project engineering, energy optimisation, health-promoting architecture and user experience.


As a research-based studio, AART architects makes their living from the human factor in the form of creativity, innovation and collaboration. The studio’s most important resource is thus dedicated employees who, by combining evidence-based studies with a nuanced empathy, develop beautiful, empathetic and functional solutions.


As a member of United Nations Global Compact, the studio contributes to promoting sustainable development by actively supporting the United Nations 10 principles for social responsibility. You can read the studio's latest corporate social responsibility report here


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