Pudeto School

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Gral Baquedano 183, 5710573 Pudeto, Ancud, Chile

A wooden experience – 1.040 children of the fisherman neighborhood of Pudeto in the Chilean Patagonia had a school from the 70s in extremely bad construction quality. In 2004 they could not use anymore the metal building totally rusted by the ocean environment.

The main goal of this project is (e)quality; Social Equality and Architecture Quality. We used our method Cultural Architecture to increase in 50% the school square meters with the same public budget. We expended 4 years to convince the government to build the school with WOOD.

The 4.500 m2 shows the local identity and the children can create a feeling of belonging to the school, neighborhood, and their local culture, and also this building will not get rusty by the salt of the Pacific ocean.

Project and Construction 2004-2010. Commune of Ancud, Chilean Ministry of Education, Jorge Lobos+Associate Architects and ARCH+H.R.

AWARD: Finalist 13th Triennale of Sophia INTERACH Bulgaria 201