Ateliers 2/3/4/

International High School East of Paris

Noisy-le-Grand and Bry-sur-Marne, France - 2016
11. July 2017
Photo: Luc Boegly (All photos courtesy of v2com)
A high school is like a small estate made up of work, recreation, leisure, encounter and shared places. The access as streets, squares provides perspectives that give life to the estate.
Program: High School with international sections (Chinese, American, Brazilian, Arabian) to accommodate 800 students; 82-room student accommodation (150 beds); 10 staff accommodation units
Location: Noisy-le-Grand and Bry-sur-Marne
Client: Région Ile de France/SAERP
ArchitectAteliers 2/3/4/
Architect in charge: Jean Mas
Engineering Consultancy and Cost Control: Mizrahi
HQE Consultant: Éléments Ingénieries
Kitchen Consultant: Conceptic'Art
Acoustics Consultant: Peutz et Associés
Built areas: 13 800m² including High School: 8 986m², Student Accommodation 3 764m², Staff Accommodation 1 052m²
Completed: June 2016
Photo: Luc Boegly
The new International High School project east of Paris, planned within this urban context, is located within an exceptional site distinguished by three scales of landscape:
  1. The vast landscape of the district and distant views. The idea to raise the volume creates a horizontal frame that emerged just as the development of a sequenced, view point entrance overlooking Greater Paris. 
  2. The Marne la Vallée urban landscape composed of different yet often heterogeneous neighbourhoods. The intention was to develop an imposing volume, a cube devoid of any stylistic intent, stable within the perspective. 
  3. The immediate landscape of a planted steep slope. With landscaped terraces, the introspective high school found its place attached to the functions shared with the boarding school (dining, sports hall,...).
Photo: Luc Boegly
Photo: Luc Boegly
Photo: Luc Boegly
Photo: Luc Boegly
Photo: Luc Boegly
Photo: Luc Boegly
Photo: Luc Boegly
Photo: Luc Boegly
Photo: Luc Boegly

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