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Vösendorf, Austria

The interdisciplinary cooperation between architecture and engineering and modern knowledge management have enabled ATP to became Europe’s leading integrated design office.
1,500+ employees in twelve offices across the DACH+CEE Regions, supported by in-house research, specialist design, and consulting companies, plan buildings for clients from the research & industrial, retail, real estate, and health sectors.

Pioneer of integrated design with BIM (Building Information Modeling)
Today, integrated design is a prerequisite for high quality modeling and reducing waste. It is the key to sustainable, resource-friendly, and energy-saving buildings. ATP has been designing integrally for 45 years and BIM has been employed in all building projects since 2012. ATP's cooperative integrated design culture is the result of many years of interdisciplinary practice. In contrast with conventional, consecutive design processes, integrated design enables all the advantages of BIM to be exploited in the interests of sustainable design quality.
To this end, ATP makes full use of the "corporate structure" of the group by acting as a learning organization that is permanently developing through the sharing of knowledge between offices and specialist areas.

The future is green
Thanks to its in-house expertise, ATP is able to offer its clients the verticalization of its range of services: In the spirit of the European Green Deal and in line with the need for a CO2-neutral existence, expertise is pooled and employed both before and during the construction process. As a result, the current considerable potential for waste in the building industry can be minimized through lean processes and the careful use of resources.

Consulting offices specializing in such areas as sustainability, process engineering, and project development help clients to decide whether and which building measures are necessary, well before the start of the design process. By focusing on the core process that is due to take place within a building, the order quality is defined with the help of a project strategy based on a feasibility study. This is followed by the first phase of the integrated design process, which is oriented in line with a sustainable use period. Throughout the entire design and construction process and right up to the point at which the building is handed over to the facility management, an interdisciplinary team of architects, structural and building services engineers, and site supervisors is headed by a Lead Project Manager. Due to ATP's standardization of key design processes, responsibility can be delegated within this team without any loss of quality.

Career and partnership
A wide range of career paths and opportunities are open to ATP's architects and engineers. Expertise is developed and passed on in both the offices and the ATP Academy. The ATP partnership (since 1990) of 8 partners, 45 associate partners, and 104 associates enables employees to demonstrate their share of corporate responsibility and enjoy their share of corporate success.

Research and teaching
Due to its close cooperation with Vienna University of Technology and other universities and universities of applied sciences, ATP permanently plays a leading role in scientific research into integrated design and BIM. ATP is a founding member of the DGNB, the ÖGNI, and IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau.

architects and engineers
for better buildings

Vision: We want to change the world for the better with our buildings.

• Design sectors:
– Production and logistics
– Retail and entertainment
– Offices and administration
– Health
– Education and research
– Tourism
– Housing
– Interior design
– Multifunctional buildings
– Urban planning
– Infrastructure and transport

• Research & specialist design:
– D&R studios
– ATP health
– Mint Architecture
– Hochstrasser Glaus & Partner
– ATP sustain
– ATP zero
– ITA engineering

• Consulting:
– plandata
IT services
– redserve
real estate development services
– foodfab
food industry (process and building design)
– FactoryXperts
food and drink industry (baked goods)

• Teaching:
ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer was Professor for Integrated Construction Planning and Industrial Building at Vienna University of Technology between 2002 and 2022.

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