Niels Bohr Science Park


At Christensen & Co architects (CCO) we believe that architecture applies to all aspects of a building. Neither design nor function, economy nor process should be considered separately. To make truly unique buildings, one must have the skill to manage all these areas in parallel and make them feed into the project. Only this way can a project be considered successful -and innovative- for all parties involved.


Throughout, CCO has consolidated a reputation as an innovative sustainable company by winning a number of sustainable projects; Green Lighthouse – Denmark´s first public CO2 neutral building, was used as a showcase at the UN Climate conference in Copenhagen in 2009 (COP15). Navitas, - the Aarhus School of Engineering, Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering and INCUBA Science Park, covering 35.000 m² will be Denmark’s largest low-energy building. Niels Bohr Science Park will house research and education activities at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.


In 2011, CCO´s new Climate friendly nursery, The Sunhouse, welcomed 100 children. The nursery is designed on the Active House principles, giving children and environment optimal conditions though a healthy indoor climate and intelligent CO2 – neutral design options.


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