Parallel assignment regarding public squares – the Stora torg in Västerås


Funkia is a firm of creative landscape architects, devoted to the generation of improved landscape. We work with every kind of client, familiarising ourselves with each client’s specific situation. Our solutions are creative, economical and environmentally friendly with a view to sustaining life-long architecture. We attract and develop Sweden’s best landscape architects, a policy that makes Funkia an exciting place to work.

Landscape forms the basis of our work at Funkia. Our field of activity embraces the ecological, economic and social aspects of landscape, with spatial considerations as our principal focus. Countryside both wild and cultivated, urban squares, housing areas, parks, gardens, playgrounds and sports facilities – all these form some of the meeting points that enrich our everyday lives.


To have access to the landscape – whether in town or country – is a human right and important for our wellbeing. It is for this reason that we work to heighten the value of landscape and thus enable everyone to share in it.


Our work is a process comprising several different levels, in which we develop our commission with the client in collaboration with the consumers. Our projects contribute to society’s development.


The assignments we undertake range across the full field of project planning from brainstorming, concretization, projecting and site supervision to management and administration. Our specialist competences are in urban and culture-historical settings along with plant management. Our experience embraces preliminary studies, concept and programme tasks, projecting of building permits and construction documentation and the provision of maintenance programmes.

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