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Asker torg

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The proposal’s new areas for the square wind down towards the railway station thus creating a natural stand facing south. The steps create three levels, or platforms, which create a number of new thoroughfares over the square. The three platforms are linked by two staircases designed as stylised altitude contours that run over the square’s area and connect to existing elevations in east and west. The stylised altitude contours vary in width and function as both stairs and spontaneous places to sit.


The square is principally divided into rest – commerce – events. The upper platform REST is designed primarily for recreation with a number of seats in the form of movable benches facing south. The middle platform COMMERCE is designed for market trade and also has the option of other activities such as an ice rink in the winter. The square’s lowest platform EVENT has a flexible design and comprises a stage location with natural stands made up of the square’s steps. The area enables large stages to be erected when required. This area is also an amply sized entrance location for the railway station, where there is space for an open-air café. 


The proposal creates a flexible meeting place with several ’spaces within the space’. There are smaller spaces here to utilise on an everyday basis, at the same time as the area also acts as a large space to use for larger events. The square has links to surrounding buildings and their activities without being too programmed.

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