Shared-space Köpmangatan

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A traditional street environment in Eskilstuna is to be transformed into a ‘shared-space’ area where vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists interact on equal terms. The aim of the restructuring is to provide a more attractive place for unprotected road-users.

One of the main ideas is to give the site a uniform ground surface extending from the urban façade to the Eskilstuna River. The surface consists of two materials, cast-in-situ brushed concrete and strips of steel. The steel strips divide the concrete into smaller sections where the concrete is in each case brushed in a direction unique to just that section. In this way a space is created that is experienced as a harmonious whole, while at the same time variation in the concrete gives it life.

Walls of rusted Cor-Ten steel are strategically placed to provide traffic-free ‘safe-zones’. The sides of the steel walls are shaped to reflect a stylised image of the water and movement in the river nearby.

One of the existing lime trees will be taken down so as to open a free line of sight to the Fors church on the other side of the river. The site expands along the line of sight enabling the provision of a furnished meeting place close to the water. Nearest to the façade and to the river edge spaces are arranged for outdoor cafés.

Throughout this project we have worked with the artist Hanna Stahle, ensuring that her decoration accords with the site and its aims.

Landscape architect

Jimmy Norrman

Contributing architect
Felix Melin

Eskilstuna municipality

Projecting and creation of a shared-space setting, Köpmangatan, Eskilstuna

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