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View to the meadow
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View from the southeast
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The woodland part
Picture © Funkia
Picture © Funkia

Side By Side

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Stockholm, Sweden

In a modern society we live our lives side by side, regardless of cultural, religious and social background. Creating meaning, showing each other respect and recognition of different life styles are preconditions for coexistence.

Side by side preserves and develops our different traditions and rituals. Meetings between people characterise these premises and contribute to the Swedish cultural heritage. Nature’s obvious place in the Nordic burial culture satisfies the individual’s desire for a manifestation of original culture and personal expression.


In a changing world the location has a strong relevance for social interaction and is something tangible to relate to. A future cemetery is a living place that is characterised by people who live in its vicinity. A place where encounters and farewells take place side by side.


The vision is for the future cemetery to be a more natural and accessible part of life, a place for everyday social encounters side by side with sorrow and leave-taking. The area currently has very fine qualities as a recreation site and the idea is to preserve these and enrich the location with a cemetery. Coexistence of both parts strengthens and provides an additional dimension to the experience of the site. Life goes on and death is a part of life.

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