Kvarnkullens park, Ursvik

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New district park becomes social node

Kvarnkullens Park in southwest Ursvik is one of the most important parks in the new district. It remains a green spreading link with the pines, rocky edges and traces of cultural plants, but also a place for recreation as well as activity. The park's strategic location in relation to neighboring districts makes it a social node and meeting place for people of all ages. The park is designed with the nature of the site and existing values as a starting point. The forest and topography is the strongest characteristic of the place. By making different ways of making and creating glances in the park, visitors of different ages and backgrounds are attracted to nature.

In order to maintain the strongest character and identity of the site, several forest-grown parts have been preserved. Objects are carefully placed in the park to attract visitors to these parts without affecting them more than necessary. The preserved receive a new function and people may enjoy the walk around the park, along large-scale characteristic pines, contributing to the site identity. The heavy rocks are left untouched and create a theatrical scenery throughout the park.

Social gathering glades are built around the landscape. The glades take advantage of the topography, consisting of the top, the terrace, the cultivating terrace, the sports ground, the multiplex / northern entrance and the entrance square. Preserved trees and top-hills, along with stylized landscape elements, create the space and connect these newly constructed places with the existing forest and topography.

Paths lead the visitors through woods and bind the glades together. Along them there are places where visitors can sit down and enjoy the forest and its views. The movement through the park is, among other things, slightly upward, against the light and in open space at the top. Sharp turns make the line of sight continually changing, creating surprises, and the encounter with the forest takes place gradually.

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