Oset Tourist Centre

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A secret lies beneath the surface

In the heart of Örebro, the river Svartån flows past the Castle and then east towards Lake Hjälmaren. Join us for a trip along the river, on foot, by bike or maybe on the water? As for so many Örebro residents, the excursion to the Oset tourist center is a popular Sunday activity. Maybe your destination is the tourist center, or perhaps you’ll take a break along the way. It doesn’t matter. You will have to go underground to discover Oset centre’s secret! In the past, this trip would have taken you to the island of Örebro, but that is no longer the case.

Today, Svartån is again an important link between central Örebro and Sweden's fourth largest lake. A walkway linking Örebro with the city's finest recreation area, the nature reserve Rynninge-Oset. It is no longer a forgotten area languishing on the outskirts of the city, but a popular meeting place for activities, recreation and appreciation of the healing power of nature. Discover and experience Osets fascinating history, participate in the creation of new layers of it in visitor center Oset!

The jury's feedback:

A very clear, powerful and consistent proposal in terms of analysis, location, materiality and form. The project runs an elegant story about the history of the site and its title suggests an imaginative and clear concept. A close analysis leads to a well-functioning visitor center with a rigorous planning solution, where the entire enterprise receives the space it needs while developing opportunities and flexibility.
The link to the existing Nature's house is clear, as are connections to other landscape elements in the area. A simple connection between entrances of the two houses is created around the existing water mirror. You are also tempted to travel on the hill and further into the surrounding landscape.
The proposal highlights the overall undertaking and creates functional rooms for all units. The plan is driven and well implemented in its careful detailing. The educational activities are at the center of the indoor and outdoor areas, and the building becomes a well-functioning platform for education and recreation.
The outdoor areas offer a variety of appealing spaces, and a courtyard is created for both staff and the nature studies. The fine details featured in plan, such as the cave, seating gallery and the outdoor classroom were singled out for praise by the jury.

See full proposal here:

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