Parallel assignment regarding public squares – the Stora torg in Västerås

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Västerås, Sweden

not finalised

City of Västerås

Landscape architect
Jimmy Norrman

Contributing architects
Isabelle Brandt, Marianne Randers, Axel Bohlemark

Parallel assignment for the renovation of Stora torg
Proposal 2013

We regard the renovation of the Stora torg in Västerås as an opportunity to accentuate and stress the site’s existing qualities. Part of the special character of Västerås resides in the historical and distinctive Stora torg, with its surrounding buildings from different periods. The city and urban centre planning derives inspiration from the way the town has developed and adapted to changing needs, thus emphasising the town’s distinctive character. Another consideration is that the Stora torg is the most important square in Västerås and has served for many centuries as a major centre for trade and mingling. Our ambitious and radical alterations restore former glory to the square.

The intention is to create a square that functions as a natural and attractive meeting place for commerce, property owners, all categories of visitors and events. It is a place to enjoy, whether alone or in a group.

Our intention is that contemporary influences shall place their mark upon the site and thereby stress the square’s culture-historical value, create a uniform setting, and structure the square to be a vital centre attracting activities and movement.  The square is to be a place of enjoyment where you are happy to pause awhile. Fresh impressions throughout the year and new discoveries large and small will contribute to creating a lively town.

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