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Gradiente Flooring
Gradiente Flooring / GFR-1 (Grigio・Chiaro-2)
Gradiente Flooring / GFR-3 (Grigio・Medio-2)
Gradiente Flooring / GFR-10 (Azzurro Chiaro)
Gradiente Flooring / GFR-12 (Grigio・Chiaro-1)
Gradiente Flooring / GFR18, 5, 6(Vintage Rustic Aging Bitter)

Gradiente Flooring

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Ikuta created Gradiente flooring to bring color to interior spaces. Produced with dyed wood veneer in a rainbow of colors from the Italian company Tabu, Gradiente makes flooring more fun.
A shot of color is all it takes to bring existing interiors to the next level of stylish elegance. Transform the mood with a new accent color in your flooring.

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