Living on the Wedge

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Lund, Sweden

Type: City Planning, Housing, Mixed Use
Status: Ongoing
Size: L 10 000-40 000 sqm
Client: Akademiska Hus
Program: 20 000 sqm, 500 units
Principal: Lena Viterstedt
Team: Ola Kjellander, Ann Bexelius, Lars Almgren, Saki Azodi, Jakub Jílek, Kamil Szczesny

The future of student housing in Lund

The university, the municipality and Akademiska Hus joined forces in a collaborative joint venture that will provide 1000-2000 new dwellings in Lund. The purpose is to literally build away the housing shortage for students by 2020. Kjellander + Sjöberg has along with Akademiska Hus made initial volumetric design proposals for approximately 500 of these student housing units. The proposal's point of departure is to strengthen and improve local connections and movement paths through the area as well as generating a vibrant, integrated urban environment that is active throughout the day.

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