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Berlin, Germany

Light is omnipresent. It defines space, mood and adds value.

Working in cooperation with architects, investors, and operators since 1997, Lichtvision creates design-oriented lighting solutions which are innovative, sustainable, and human-centered.
We are an independent consultancy with a colorful and dedicated team of light architects, designers, and engineers. With our collaborative approach we are known for our award-winning design, for smoothly blending technology and creativity, science with art. From our offices in Berlin, Hong Kong, and London we work on a vast variety of projects across the globe, from small spatial gems to airports and stadiums. Partnering with research institutes and the lighting industry, we develop valuable lighting tools, hard- and software.
We understand lighting design as an architectural integration of artificial light and daylight in the sense of a holistic approach. We permeate architectural spaces and compose spatial arrangements, embracing challenges and transforming them into tailored design. While driving perception of built environments, we respect energetic and environmental demands and approach each project with a holistic and sustainable mindset.

We design places people remember.

Competences: Lighting Design | Lighting Projects | Strategy + Simulation | Daylight Studies | Light Installations + Art | Multimedia | Energy Efficiency + Ecology

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