For the play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child", part of the famous Wholesale Market “Hamburger Grossmarkt” was transformed into the mysterious wizarding school of Hogwarts.
Photo © | Photographer: Klaus Michelmann
The Mehr! Theater opened as a multifunctional theatre back in 2015 and was completely redesigned and rebuilt for the Harry Potter play in 2020.
Photo © | Photographer: Klaus Michelmann
Lindner provided the space-creating, sound-optimised steel construction, as well as themed foyers, an exclusive lounge and the hollow floor system in the theatre.
Photo © | Photographer: Klaus Michelmann
As an expert for special solutions, Lindner produced customised room-in-room systems, some with a length of 60 metres and cantilevered ceilings of up to 14.60 metres.
Photo © | Photographer: Klaus Michelmann

Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt

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Bankstraße 28, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
Mehr-BB Entertainment
Lindner SE │ Expansion North.Northwest

Lindner enchants at the Mehr! Theatre

After "We Will Rock You" and "Dirty Dancing", there is another highlight at the Mehr! Theatre in Hamburg: In December 2021, the premiere of the play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" was celebrated there. As an interior fit-out specialist, Lindner was significantly involved in the conversion of the venue for the play.

The Mehr! Theatre at the Wholesale Market “Hamburger Grossmarkt” opened in 2015 as a multifunctional theatre. In the course of extensive conversion work, the hall was transformed into a proper, theme-related theatre in 2020, rather into the mysterious wizarding school of Hogwarts.

Lindner was responsible for the fit-out of several foyers, an exclusive lounge as well as the space-creating, sound-optimised steel construction around the theatre. In addition, the FLOOR and more® Hollow Floor from our own production was installed extensively in the theatre: The Floor System is not only visually convincing, but also fulfills high requirements in terms of acoustics, fire protection and load-bearing capacity. As an expert for special solutions, Lindner also produced customised Room-in-Room Systems: With a length of 60 metres and a freestanding ceiling of up to 14.60 metres, the Cubes serve as an exclusive VIP lounge as well as a backstage area in the multifunctional theatre.

Furthermore, the newly assembled steel structures form the basic framework for the additional Partition Walls to the foyers – a real finishing highlight. The steel construction was not only visually refined, but also optimised in terms of sound insulation and fire protection in F 90. Lindner's complete fit-out package was complemented by scaffolding, doors, flooring, dry lining construction, painting and wallpapering. Thanks to good coordination, the project was completed in less than a year and on time for the first dress rehearsal.

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