In Mode – Kleider und Bilder aus Renaissance und Frühbarock

Nürnberg, Germany

Our area includes both services in the field of museum and exhibition design and the design of interior spaces and buildings. The focus of our office is on the treatment of archaeological, scientific, artistic and cultural and historical exhibitions and museums. Our approach is based on an expanded definition of architecture. Substantive, conceptual and design work processes of different disciplines, we consider as a unit. The central role is played by the always exhibits and their stories. By linking pictorial and architectural principles as creating new, holistic tangible qualities of space and forms of presentation, making the content experience. offers from conception to execution to monitoring the full implementation of architectural and exhibition projects. The services include project management, architectural services (LPH 1-9) as well as graphic design and media design. works in the implementation of an interdisciplinary exhibition design and in close cooperation with the participating scientists and curators. Besides the exhibition architecture, the exhibition graphics and media design an integral part of our projects. Here, the TweakPC plays in the images and voices, the use of metaphors and significant shapes and colors play an important role. The design of the overall design originates mainly from one source. In teams of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, media designers, and cultural ideas are implemented in strict compliance with the time and on budget. The presentation of the exhibits and the understanding of the contents of the things shown, is one of the central tasks of our exhibitions. Through the contextualization of the exhibits in the balance with space, media and graphic design, we mediate content.

Competences: Buildings for culture | Museum an exhibition design | Conception of medias and exhibits | Visual communication | Graphic design

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