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It all started in a living room in Zurich back in 2008, where the three founders of Nightnurse Images were living together in a shared flat. Before officially founding the company, the three founders made visualizations as a ‘side hustle’ to their day-time jobs and studies. The whole affair started rather coincidental, with the making of one single image. The word about three guys doing visualization spread and the workload grew - in 2010 we registered Nightnurse Images.

Today Nightnurse Images is an international visualization studio with offices in Zurich, New York, and Buenos Aires. We are a team of skilled professionals and creative artists, with profound knowledge and understanding of architecture, specialized in high-end architectural visualizations.

Our official corporate language is English, which is something that ties our team together across the continents and accommodates our dynamic and vibrant team-constellation that includes partners (employees) from all around the world. Also meaning that we within our team that counts around 30 people speak 15 different languages.

Our company runs on Holacracy, which is a holistic management system that distributes decision-making powers within the company. Everyone in our company can make essential decisions and contribute to the development of our company structure. This system enables us to stay innovative, connected, and agile.


Architects of all ages, when in the final stage of working on a design, are often in a terrible state. Physically, they lack sleep, have not eaten sustainably for weeks, had too much coffee and too many cigarettes. Mentally, they have caved in under pressure and are starting to have doubts about their concept. At this stage, the visualizer steps in, offering their best care – being soothing, supportive, and available – shedding a bright light on the design, promoting its best qualities, and making it look amazing. Ultimately – resolving the pain.

Therefore, the analogy of a nurse seemed close at hand. We are always near, continually working to ease the pain and quickly prepared to respond to the “beep” of a pager at all times. And because the team, in the early days, had full-time jobs to fulfill during the day, nighttime was the only time where they were able to “render” their service and create images.

This is the origin of the name “Nightnurse Images”.


Visual aid for good architecture


We are visual specialists and our in-depth knowledge of image-making shows in our products.

We know that the true power of visualization is that it enables us to communicate - not only qualities of great design - but a sincere feeling that makes a space experienceable or tangible, especially with architecture the way you experience a space is the most important. Hence, a sunny day with blue skies is not always the top choice because we do not aim to create picture-perfect images, as they do not serve the purpose, we create atmospheric images that can give the viewer a real feeling of being present in the surroundings that the picture portraits.

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