Apartment renovation St. Gallenkappel

St. Gallenkappel, Switzerland
Video © KWC
Küchenarmatur KWC LIVELLO
Photo © CBB AG
Küchenarmatur KWC LIVELLO
Photo © CBB AG
Küchenarmatur KWC LIVELLO
Visualization © KWC
Badarmatur KWC BEVO chromeline
Visualization © KWC

Apartment renovation in St. Gallenkappel with kitchen faucet KWC LIVELLO and bathroom faucet KWC BEVO.

KWC LIVELLO: Clean-cut and crosswise
KWC LIVELLO will keep your kitchen standards on the straight and narrow, even if the body of the lever mixer runs off in a crosswise direction. With this high-quality kitchen faucet, you are sending out a clear message that you feel right at home with top quality.

KWC BEVO: A minimalist classic
How can tangible values such as longevity, precision, and functionality be combined with classic elegance? KWC BEVO provides the answer: it takes a lot of attention to detail. This is evident at first sight – thanks to its slender silhouette, classically shaped spout, and unmistakable lever design. And it is perceptible in everyday use, too – thanks to top-class materials and high-tech workmanship.

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