Copenhagen, Denmark
BLOX, Copenhagen
Photo © BLOX
BLOX, Copenhagen
Photo © BLOX
BLOX, Copenhagen
Photo © BLOX
BLOX, Copenhagen
Photo © BLOX
BLOX, Copenhagen
Photo © BLOX
LS 990 Edelstahl
Photo © JUNG
Copenhagen, Denmark
OMA Rotterdam

Hybrid use between cultural establishment and office building

BLOX, designed by the internationally renowned architects OMA, is one of the most important city development projects in Copenhagen, and a new attraction on the harbour front. It is a mixed-use, glass building which has given Copenhagen an urban meeting point for work, culture and leisure. Blox is immediately on the bank of the Copenhagen city island, Slotsholmen, and connected to the city centre. It lies in the direct neighbourhood of the historic old buildings, near to the “Black Diamond” of the Royal Library and opposite the Cirkelbroen bridge by Olafur Eliasson.

The building, which houses the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) among others, includes exhibition rooms, offices, cooperative spaces, a café, a book store, a fitness centre, a restaurant, 22 apartments and a public, three-storey underground car park with 350 parking spaces.

Architecturally, it is eccentric: a pile of offset quadratic cubes tumbling within a complex steel skeleton design around an atrium and over a main road characterise the building. The internal atrium is used by the DAC as an exhibition space, the office spaces are arranged around it, the apartments are on the three upper floors and green terraces border the central glass roof, which is accessible for the residents.

Matching the internal transparency, the JUNG LS 990 design classic in stainless steel has been installed.

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