Copenhagen Concert Hall

Copenhagen, Denmark
TTC Timmler Technology GmbH
Copenhagen, Denmark
Jean Nouvel, Paris

It stands there like a shining blue cube. The new Copenhagen Concert Hall looks spectacular even from the outside.

Behind its fibreglass skin, then the surprise inside: The actual concert hall hangs like a meteorite in a steel construction. Jean Nouvel, an architect from France, came up with this idea.

The concert hall is a global work of art: the idea of controlling the sound quality with a sail above the heads of the audience came from Japan. Other details were designed and manufactured by TTC in Germany: Eye-catching are the revolving doors in the entrance area. They move on grates, each of which looks like a giant metal record. A stylized sound carrier as entrance! Both the Danish Broadcasting Corporation as the client and the architect were enthusiastic about this subtle detail.

The ventilation grating inside and the drainage grating outside are also beautifully designed - they are identical in design and appear filigree. Less visible, but important: With cantilevers anchored in the concrete and screed, the climate gratings have a special reversible substructure that prevents sound from being transmitted into the concert hall.

Copenhagen Concert Hall
In collaboration with architect Jean Nouvel and the client Danish Radio, TTC Timmler Technology developed reversible and sound-acoustic systems:

- the substructure for the convector shafts with linear grilles made of brushed stainless steel for interior use

- the substructure for drainage with linear gratings made of brushed stainless steel for outdoor use

- for the transitions inside/outside at swing, wing and double sliding doors partly curved, partly straight linear gratings made of brushed stainless steel with 5 mm bar distance; walkable with stiletto heels; loadable with 4 KN on 100 x 100 mm

- the energy-efficient, silent cooling Modultherm for studio control rooms

Technical data>/strong>
Linear gratings inside
- Length: total 235 running metres
- Material: stainless steel
- surfaces: stained, running surface grain ground
- bar spacing grates: 10 mm

Linear gratings outside
- Length: total 110 running metres
- Material: stainless steel
- surfaces: stained, running surface grain ground
- bar spacing grates: 10 mm

Supporting structure inside/outside
- quantity: 350 pieces
- Material: steel
- Surface: powder-coated black
- Design: multi-part for all areas, reversible

Linear gratings transitions swing, wing and double wing sliding doors
- Total: 41 m²
- Rostart: curved and straight
- Material: stainless steel
- surfaces: stained, running surface grain ground
- bar spacing between grates: 5 mm

Modultherm, silent high-performance chilled beams
- Length: 53 running metres
- Material: copper, aluminium
- Rostart: Air diffuser linear grille
- surfaces: Aluminium, black RAL 9005 matt

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