Muttenz, Switzerland
The atrium extends over three floors up to the Beletage. The open air space is an essential component of the overflow concept, as it is used to carry away the exhaust air.
Photo © Gataric-Fotografie: ©FHNW Campus Muttenz | Foto Zeljko Gataric
As a cube visible from far, the new FHNW campus rises 14 storeys into the air. The park in front of the campus is open to the public.
Photo © Gataric-Fotografie: ©FHNW Campus Muttenz | Foto Zeljko Gataric
View from the atrium into the library on the "Beletage" on the third floor. INDUSILENT transfer grilles elements are integrated into the partition walls.
Photo © Gataric-Fotografie: ©FHNW Campus Muttenz | Foto Zeljko Gataric
Die Leichtbauwände der 16 Hörsäle sind durchAkustikpaneelemit vertikalen Leisten verkleidet. Die Überströmelemente INDUSILENT als Sonderanfertigung gewährleisten die freie Überströmung der Luft vom Inneren des Hörsaals in den Flur.
Photo © Gataric-Fotografie: ©FHNW Campus Muttenz | Foto Zeljko Gataric
The corridor walls of the lecture halls on the first and second floors are finished with fine oak lamellas. The openings of the INDUSILENT transfer grilles elements are also integrated into the vertical structure.
Photo © Gataric-Fotografie: ©FHNW Campus Muttenz | Foto Zeljko Gataric
The transfer grille element INDUSILENT type TG is suitable for installation in double planked stud walls for flush mounting. For adaptation to other wall thicknesses, an optional clip-on neck extension is available for type TG.
Visualization © Kiefer Klimatechnik
Kiefer Klimatechnik GmbH
Muttenz, Switzerland
pool Architekten, Zürich
Kalt+Halbeisen Ingenieurbüro AG

October 2018 saw the opening of Northwest Switzerland's new University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Muttenz near Basel. It was designed by pool Architekten from Zurich. Five schools operate alongside each other on an interdisciplinary basis in a vertically structured high-rise campus building. The dimensions of the virtually square tower are impressive: at 72 m wide and 64.5 m long, it rises 64.5 m into the sky.

Five schools under one roof – the spatial concept

The entrance level consists of an atrium modelled on a market square, surrounded by the reception, auditorium, canteen, cafeteria and a large lecture theatre with a mobile stage. On the first and second floors there are 16 lecture halls and the numerous classrooms of all five schools. The third floor was designed as a piano nobile, housing not only the openly designed library, but also flexible spaces for seminars, presentations, etc. The rooms on the eight floors above this are not open to the public and include offices for the five schools as well as study areas for the students. The twelfth and final floor has further seminar rooms, a lounge and a hidden roof garden that is only open to the sky.

Transfer grille INDUSILENT – as a standard feature and a special design

Two versions of the transfer grille are used in the FHNW campus building: firstly, the INDUSILENT type TS as a standard version for narrow system partition walls, and secondly, the INDUSILENT type TG as a special design for installation in double planked stud walls. The standard grille, type TS, has a 1200 x 230 mm plenum box and is suitable for flush installation in narrow partition walls. It has a low pressure drop and a high sound attenuation value Rw. A total of 500 such grilles are distributed throughout all floors of the FHNW Campus Muttenz and ensure the free transfer of air from the smaller rooms to the atrium. The slit of the transfer grilles, which is visible from the room, was designed at the architects' request as a 2 cm high, open shadow gap, which in situ looks like a continuous black band running across three grilles at a time. Around 500 specially designed INDUSILENT type TG transfer grilles were required.

They are located in the 20.5 cm thick lightweight walls of the seminar rooms on the first and second floors, which have been designed to a particularly high standard. These partition walls feature vertical wooden slats of solid oak on the outside, into which the transfer slits are inconspicuously integrated. To achieve this, Kiefer manufactured transfer grilles with an extra-long "neck", to bridge the width of the wall to the corridor side.

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