Dragør, Denmark
Photo © Adam Mørk
Photo © Adam Mørk
Photo © Adam Mørk
Photo © Adam Mørk
Photo © Adam Mørk
Photo © Adam Mørk
Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Dragør, Denmark
1-5 Stories
Arne Elkjær A/S

Situated in Dragør, just 12 kilometres south of buzzing central Copenhagen, Framehouse is a 1,810-square-metre flexible office building. Designed for durability and flexibility, Framehouse is a highly sustainable workspace wrapped in warm, natural materials.

Framehouse is an open, collaborative office space that encourages co-creation and interaction, consisting of a two-story building divided into three parallel volumes. This resilient and innovative exposed timber structure is a rare gem in Denmark. It is a progressive example of what future office buildings and housing might look like.

Framehouse's design incorporates sustainable elements throughout, from the rooftop to the surrounding landscape. Concrete flooring retains heat on the ground floor, and the hard-pressed oak planks that make up the upper floor levels are entirely new to Danish construction. Natural ventilation flows through fitted windows in the three roofs, while green sedum plants cover the exterior roof surfaces. Outside electric car-charging stations allow employees to power up on-site, promoting sustainability in and out of the workplace.

This project is aiming for a DNGB Gold Certification.
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