Garden Conservatory

Seoul, South Korea
Photo © Roh Space
The spacious area of the “Glass House Garden Room” can be used for events, exhibitions or as a relaxing oasis.
Photo © Roh Space
Blick aus der angrenzenden Cafeteria in den „Glass House Garden Room“, der einem Gewächshaus nachempfunden ist.
Photo © Roh Space
View from the roof terrace into the “Glass House Garden Room”
Photo © Roh Space
The minimalist space is interrupted by plant islands. Above them, pendant lights complement the daylight streaming in from the sides.
Photo © Roh Space
Lighting Designers
Lichtvision Design
Seoul, South Korea
Casper Mueller Kneer

Sitting atop the Hyundai Mokdong Department Store in Seoul, the Glass House Garden Room provides an urban oasis for shoppers and visitors. Lichtvision and the team at Casper Mueller Kneer Architects reinterprets the traditional greenhouse to reflect modern day aesthetics. Green plant islands are located throughout the space, extending the rooftop terrace into the interior. Swarms of plant-friendly LED light fittings are placed above these islands, accentuating the plants while also supplementing additional white light required for healthy plant growth. Special attention was given during the design and LED selection process to ensure colour rendering, light spectrum and lighting controls were according to biophilic design approach. The Glass House Garden Room is Lichtvision’s first project with a specific emphasis on biophilic design. We look forward in continuing to explore and apply these principles in our future processes.

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