In Praise of Loos apartment

Stockholm, Sweden
Photo © Mikael Olsson
Photo © Mikael Olsson
Photo © Mikael Olsson
Photo © Mikael Olsson
Photo © Mikael Olsson
Photo © Mikael Olsson
Photo © Mikael Olsson
In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur
Stockholm, Sweden

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur by Architects Fredric Benesch and Katarina Lundeberg in collaboration with designer Stefan Telford.


A Stockholm roof top apartment was remade with inspiration from Adolf Loos concept of Raumplan as well as with references to his use of materials, stone, wood and steel.

A tight floor plan was made tighter as the terrace was expanded but through the introduction of diagonal sight lines between the spaces, as well as to the outside. The space was visually enlarged and the surrounding landscape of roofs and sky was brought inside. Especially the window from the steam bath towards the terrace is important in this sense as well as in the sense of blurring the borders between private and the not so private. Sliding glass doors with a generous opening connects the living room with the terrace.

The bathroom has been divided in a dry part with walls, roof and cabinets all in walnut veneer (inside and outside) and a wet part all in Portuguese limestone. The floor for the whole home mini spa is of the same stone. The whole section of the narrow space could be used, in the low part for generous stone surfaces in the steam bath and in the dry part through the bringing of wood and storage all the way up to the ceiling. The fixed glass walls between the different parts are mounted with hidden fixtures in order not to interrupt the space.

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