KARSUDDENS forensic psychiatric institution

Katrineholm, Sweden
Landscape Architects
Katrineholm, Sweden
1-5 Stories

KARSUDDENS forensic psychiatric institution, Katrineholm, Sweden
A restoration and extension of Karsuddens hospital.

A new building has been incorporated into the existing park environment, including the reorganization of the entrance square, car parks and pedestrian
areas in the hospital environment. Biofilic values and the positive health effect achieved through a green environment has been the starting
points for the design of the outdoor environment. The Arboretum square at the main entrance is a species-rich plantations of trees. Here the planting
beds extend their boundries by creating bigger paving joints with vegetation. This is to create a more interesting square floor as well as taking care of
stormwater. The artistically portrayed tree protection bollards and water fontain gives the place a scenic identity.