Malmö City Library

Malmö, Sweden
Henning Larsen
Kung Oscars väg 11, 221 33, Malmö, Sweden

Henning Larsen's extension to the historical library building in Malmö is an almanac of the changing seasons. The award-winning building is also referred to as the "Calendar of Light".
In 1946, Malmö City Library moved into a Renaissance building in the palace gardens situated in the city center. Several decades later, Henning Larsen was selected to design a modern, inviting extension to this historical cultural institution. The library's primary space is surrounded by splendid views of the idyllic park setting, and the transparent facade thus allows users and staff to observe the course of daylight and nature all year round. In 1997, Henning Larsen received Sweden's oldest and most renowned architectural award, the Kasper Salin Prize, for the design of Malmö City Library, and the building remains an important source of inspiration for our work.

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