Museumscenter Hanstholm, documentation centre for World War II

Hanstholm, Denmark
Photo © Ole Hein Pedersen
Photo © Ole Hein Pedersen
Photo © Ole Hein Pedersen
Photo © Ole Hein Pedersen
Photo © Ole Hein Pedersen
Photo © Ole Hein Pedersen
Picture © Cubo
Photo © Peter Mørk
Cubo Arkitekter
Molevej, 7730 Hanstholm, Denmark
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Cubo Arkitekter

Birch & Krogboe

Dokumentationscenter Hanstholm

Documentation centre for World War II in Hanstholm - nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award in 2002.

The museum is carefully integrated into the dune landscape, showing consideration of the existing landmarks and the beautiful surrounding pine forest. The visitor centre leaves the existing bunker almost untouched - only the ammunition passage has been extended on to the main entrance to provide access to the labyrinthine interior of the plant. In contrast to the totalitarian military architecture the visitor and documentation centre stands out with its open and sympathetic design, in touch with the horizon and the sky above like a luminous line in the landscape.

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