Aarhus Ø, Denmark
AART / architects
5-20 Stories

PROJECT: Nicolinehus

CLIENT: Bricks

SIZE: 40.000 sq.m.

Nicolinehus is a new mixed-use development in the heart of the new port district in Aarhus, shaped by the pulse of the city centre and merging with life on the waterfront. It mixes conventional ingredients such as living, leisure, working, parking and shopping, all with a view to injecting life into the new port district and paving the way for the unique opportunities it will provide – out where the city meets the bay.

In its shape, it draws inspiration from the old residential blocks of the city centre, rethinking the concept of a courtyard framed by flats and adapting it to suit the life and weather conditions of the waterfront. The result is a hybrid of classic residential block and terraced landscape in which functions and aesthetics merge into a visionary architectural work. The space is open and vibrant, with views aplenty, where people will live their lives not only inside the building, but also in courtyards and roof gardens and on balconies.

Nicolinehus also draws inspiration from the materials of the old residential blocks – the red bricks. The result is a modern mixed-use development with a flair for craftsmanship. A development created to express a distinct personality and to look as beautiful in the future as it does today. It is resilient and tough and will withstand the weather conditions on the waterfront.

"It is astounding. In all my 20 years in the industry I have never seen anything like it. The reason that several hundred people have already signed up for a freehold flat is their interest in Nicolinehus’ unique location, innovative architecture and quality materials." - Martin Busk / CEO and co-owner of Bricks

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