Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Copenhagen, Denmark
© Thomas Flensted
© Thomas Flensted
© Thomas Flensted
© Thomas Flensted
© Thomas Flensted
© Thomas Flensted
Henning Larsen

The extension of one of Copenhagen's most acknowledged art museums illuminates the past through a rich sequence of daylight infusions and blacked out rooms, where history can fully unfold.
Henning Larsen's extension is located in the museum's former conservation area. The extension is separated from the rest of the museum by a broad, gently rising, glass-covered marble stairway that leads up to the three exhibition floors and onwards up to a rooftop terrace. Our extension measured up to updated security standards for handling antique art. The adjustable climate management ensured the continued preservation of both the museum's own and borrowed art works, and made it possible for the Glyptotek museum to bring international works and exhibitions to Copenhagen. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek presents antique art in an intense interaction between architecture and works.

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