Plinsberg Refugium

Plintsberg, Sweden
In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur
Plintsberg, Sweden

Fredric Benesch, Katarina Lundeberg

Regula Andriuet

Situated in the outer region of Plintsberg, the site is a pristine, untouched slice of nature with a magnificent view over looking Lake Siljan. The upper portion of the property is steep and the character of the vegetation is fragile. 

Plintsberg Refugium consists of 10 small hotel cabins with a sauna along the hillside combined with a private home and a workshop for the client, as well as a conference space and a poolhouse by the road. The hotel guests will be offered, privacy, solitude and a view over Lake Siljan.  

The expression of the buildings will be contemporary, but in scale and through the choice of material they will relate to the local building traditions. The structure of massive wood will be exposed on the inside. The character of the interior will be sparse but comfortable. The hotel-cabins will be standing on thin steel tubes leaving the ground practically untouched. Only a very limited number of trees will need to be taken down.

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