Villa U

Stockholm, Sweden
Photo © Camilla Stogardt
Photo © Camilla Stogardt
Photo © Camilla Stogardt
Photo © Camilla Stogardt
Photo © Camilla Stogardt
Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

With a remarkable view of ”Skarviken” this singular family home sits three storeys tall, clad in stone and larch.

The family leads a social and active lifestyle which demands extensive public spaces, both indoors and out. Each floor is connected to gardens and terraces. The entrance level is an open, transparent space connecting the drawing room, with views eastwards, and the pool area towards the West.

The sculptural spiral staircase is centrally placed in the building and serves as a space defining object. The private sleeping areas are gathered on the second floor and the subterranean level holds a spa connected to the pool. Via the spiral staircase you reach the sky parlour and roof terrace making maximum usage of the views and site.

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