BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

The Plus

Gaustadvegen, Magnor, Norway, 2022

Norwegian furniture manufacturer Vestre and BIG reveal THE PLUS – a new furniture factory, experience center, and 300-acre public park. T...


Urbane Beleuchtung in Kopenhagen

Kopenhagen, Denmark, 2019

Eine klimaneutrale urbane Beleuchtung für Kopenhagen. Der CPH 2025 Climate Plan ist ein langfristig angelegter Plan mit dem Ziel, die dä...

Ecosistema Urbano Arquitectos


Hamar, Norway, 2011

Dreamhamar is a participation and network design process aimed to transform the public space of Stortorget Square in Hamar, Norway. Durin...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur


Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

Bredden is going to be more than a neighborhood - it's going to be home. Therefore, we want to have the people and the environment in foc...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

The Rocks

Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Student housing at Royal Institute of Technology The new design for student accommodation at the Royal Institute of Technology derives i...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Norr Mälarstrand

Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

The park along Norr Mälarstrand is highly appreciated and intensively used. It is one of Stockholm's best-preserved parks from the 40's a...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Kvarnkullens park, Ursvik

Stockholm, Sweden, 2019

New district park becomes social node Kvarnkullens Park in southwest Ursvik is one of the most important parks in the new district. It r...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur


Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Upplands Väsby municipality is investing heavily in the development of the central parts of the municipality and in its public places. In...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

The Traneberg Bridge

Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

New life under the bridge In the with Tranebergs Bridge assignment Funkia presented a program document and a design proposal for the sit...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur


Stockholm , Sweden, 2018

Norrbackatäppan is located in northwestern Norrmalm, next to the new district of Hagastaden. The park is next to a schoolhouse, public pa...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Ellen Keys Park

Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

Restoration of historical neighborhood park Ellen Keys Park is one of Östermalm's most highly regarded historical quarter. It is located...


Public Parklet

Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

Tengbom transformed a parking space on Katarinavägen in Stockholm into a neighbourhood node, public meeting place and surfac...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

The Square of Jan Stenbeck

Stockholm, Sweden, 2010

The Square of Jan Stenbeck is a winning proposal from 2007, a collaborative project between SWECO Architects and Funkia Landscape archite...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Plaza of Ursvikshöjden

Sundbyberg, Sweden, 2013

In the new urban district of Ursvik in northern Sundbyberg a small square has been created along with a café and restaurant....

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur


Akalla, Sweden, 2012

The commission consisted of the relatively cheap renovation of certain parts of a playground at Rinkeby. We first drew up an overall prop...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012

Superkilen masterplan designed by BIG + Topotek1 + Superflex

Spektrum Arkitekter

Round Røsnæs

Røsnæs, Denmark

With 'Røsnæs Around' we focus on Røsnæs, as a cornucopia of scenic, historical, geological and nature o...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Kerteminde Renaissance Harbour

Kerteminde, Denmark

The relationship between the Danish city Kerteminde and the water is clearly reflected in the historical development of the harbour, wher...

Spektrum Arkitekter

The Blue Walk

Helsinki, Finland

Our proposal for the transformation of Helsinki South Harbour manifests itself in the transition from the city to the harbour by establis...

Spektrum Arkitekter

An Exellent Detour

Sønderborg, Denmark, 2011

The project took off as an architectural competition with focus on creating new opportunities for motion nearby. An Excellent Detour comb...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Frescati Campus, Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden, 2014

Frescati Campus is a campus environment in the true sense and Akademiska Hus is continuously developing the area for Stockholm University...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Side By Side

Stockholm, Sweden

In a modern society we live our lives side by side, regardless of cultural, religious and social background. Creating meaning, sh...

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