The Opera Park

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2023

In a time of intense construction activity throughout Copenhagen, green recreational spaces have become more and more scarce. Yet, in the...

ALA Architects

Saukonlaituri Parking Facility

Helsinki, Finland, 2020

The City of Helsinki is redeveloping its former harbor areas for residential use. One of these areas, the vacated 100-hectare cargo port ...

Fortunen Arkitektur

Hestad Chapel Service Building

Hestad, Norway, 2021

The cyclus of water. The site is placed on a spectacular, thin peninsula that almost divides the lake of Viksdalen. The lake is situated ...

Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala

Länsi-Viikinmäki Housing & Parking

Helsinki, Finland, 2010

The hill-top rocky landscape served as the basis for the design of three buildings containing social housing for rent and right-of-occupa...

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