Kirsti Sivén & Asko Takala

Neitsytpolku Attic

Helsinki, Finland, 2019

Attic apartments can also be designed for flat roofs! As.Oy Neitsytpolku 6, designed by the architectural firm Toivo Korhonen, was compl...

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur

In Praise of Loos apartment

Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

A Stockholm roof top apartment was remade with inspiration from Adolf Loos concept of Raumplan as well as with references to his use of m...

Dive Architects


Stockholm, Sweden, 2009

We extended this one room city apartment in Stockholm by breaking through into the generous loft space above to create a family home.

Magnus Ståhl Arkitektbyrå AB

Blomqvist Apartment

Stockholm, Sweden, 2011

Loft apartment in Stockholm City transformed into a formal yet comfortable refuge. The tilted roof and the large number of angles are uni...

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