Public Parklet

Stockholm, Sweden, 2016

Tengbom transformed a parking space on Katarinavägen in Stockholm into a neighbourhood node, public meeting place and surfac...

Mestres Wåge Arquitectes

Førde Town Hall

Førde, Norway, 2013

After winning the prequalified competition for Førde Town Hall we were asked by the municipality of Førde to realize phase ...

Form4 Architecture

Glass Butterfly

Holbaek, Denmark, 2013

The competition was to take a bus shelter, an atypical, ubiquitous object within the public realm, and create a design for a rural area o...


Preschool Igelboda

Nacka, Sweden

URBIO is currently working on the play scape around a new Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool with five departments. In the design proposal ...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Givskud, Denmark, 2014

Architects’ greatest and most important task is to design man-made ecosystems - to ensure that our cities and buildings suit the wa...


Citadellskajen, Universitetsholmen, Malmö

Malmö, Sweden

A new recreational walkway will be created between the inner city and the sea as a part of the extensive urban development on Universitet...


Kv. Brofästet, Norra Djurgårdsstaden

Stockholm, Sweden

The neighborhood is located between a park and a ’shared a space’-alley with close contact to the water along Husarviken to t...


Finnboda Harbour, Nacka

Stockholm, Sweden

The horizontal axes in Finnboda Port stem from the old ship yard, docks and runways which used to be a part of the industry operating the...


'Biological Shields' Idea Project

Sweden, Sweden

Some parts of the country are hit hard annually by mosquitos. The idea project which Urbio has developed is an ’anti-mosquito-tripo...


Restoration of inner Courtyard, Apotekaren 22

Stockholm, Sweden

The inner courtyard, Apotekaren, located in central Stockholm underwent an extensive renovation in 2013. The courtyard includes, among ot...


’Blue ribbons’ Idea Project

Stockholm, Sweden

’Blue ribbons’ are rain gardens along the edges of Sveavägen, a busy street in the Stockholm Centre. The rain gardens are a way of making...


’Melting Islands’ Idea Project

Stockholm, Sweden

’Melting Islands’ is an inventive form of promoting nature in the middle of the city. While solving the problem of contaminated snow mass...


’Bio-Strata’ Idea Project

Stockholm, Sweden

’Bio-Strata’ is urban wilderness on the underutilized spaces in the city; more precisely the roofs. Many of the sterile rooft...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

The Square of Jan Stenbeck

Stockholm, Sweden, 2010

The Square of Jan Stenbeck is a winning proposal from 2007, a collaborative project between SWECO Architects and Funkia Landscape archite...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Plaza of Ursvikshöjden

Sundbyberg, Sweden, 2013

In the new urban district of Ursvik in northern Sundbyberg a small square has been created along with a café and restaurant....

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Parallel assignment regarding public squares –…

Västerås, Sweden, 2013

We regard the renovation of the Stora torg in Västerås as an opportunity to accentuate and stress the site’s existing qu...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur


Akalla, Sweden, 2012

The commission consisted of the relatively cheap renovation of certain parts of a playground at Rinkeby. We first drew up an overall prop...

Park Associati


Stockholm, Sweden, 2012

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Copenhagen, Denmark, 2012

Superkilen masterplan designed by BIG + Topotek1 + Superflex

Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk

Sohlbergplassen Viewpoint

Atnsjø, Stor-Elvdal, Norway, 2005

The Norwegian painter Harald Sohlberg (1869-1935) stayed in the Rondane mountain area for several years to do studies for his most famous...

RVDM Arquitectos

New City

Mikkeli, Finland, 2012

Light, Space and Temperature Mikkeli is an important crossroad between northern and southern Finland, occ...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Round Røsnæs

Røsnæs, Denmark

With 'Røsnæs Around' we focus on Røsnæs, as a cornucopia of scenic, historical, geological and nature o...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Community Courtyards in Søllerødgade

Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2011

In consultation with the residents Spektrum Architects redeveloped two community courtyards on Nørrebro for a very small budget. B...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Kerteminde Renaissance Harbour

Kerteminde, Denmark

The relationship between the Danish city Kerteminde and the water is clearly reflected in the historical development of the harbour, wher...

Spektrum Arkitekter

The Blue Walk

Helsinki, Finland

Our proposal for the transformation of Helsinki South Harbour manifests itself in the transition from the city to the harbour by establis...

Spektrum Arkitekter

An Exellent Detour

Sønderborg, Denmark, 2011

The project took off as an architectural competition with focus on creating new opportunities for motion nearby. An Excellent Detour comb...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Faaborg Harbour Bath and A Blue Marine Center

Faaborg, Denmark

Faaborg Harbour Bath will become the place, where the city meets the water in an exceptional and different way. The project breaks with t...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Temporary Urban Space Installation

Valby, Denmark, 2012

Valby Local Council, Area Renewal Old Valby and The Technical and Environmental Administration of the Municipality of Copenhagen are coop...

Spektrum Arkitekter

Augustenborg Europan 10

Augustenborg, Denmark

In the project Augustenborg is pointed out as an entrance to the captivating landscape of Als. The castle and the silo form the base of t...

Spektrum Arkitekter


Humlebæk, Denmark

The masterplan weaves together the existing city and the open land in a larger scenic intervention, in which Humleby ‘emerges&rsquo...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

selvika national tourist route

selvika, Norway, 2012

The objective is quite simply to single out and magnify the experience of walking from the roadside down to the seaside at this very spec...

Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

trollstigen national tourist route

trollstigen, Norway, 2012

Located on Norway’s west coast, Trollstigen is perched within a dramatic pass between the deep fjords that characterize the region....

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Klacktorget, Solberga centrum

Stockholm, Sweden, 2009

The aim was to enhance the square, which was built during the early 1950s, and to create a better communications hub in collaboration wit...

Funkia Landskapsarkitektur

Side By Side

Stockholm, Sweden

In a modern society we live our lives side by side, regardless of cultural, religious and social background. Creating meaning, sh...

STAR strategies + architecture

Leinelä Tower

Leinelä, Vantaa, Finland

Leinelä Tower: A building emerging from the trees will be the landmark of Leinelä. It will herald the s...

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