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Simon, a leading manufacturer of electrical equipment and interfaces, as well as a developer of technological and decorative solutions for the home and business environment.

The Simon Group is the head of a number of manufacturing companies going back 100 years and which has grown, thanks to the hard work of thousands of people, to become today the Spanish market leader, with a significant presence in the world market for decorative and electrical products. Its product portfolio ranges from collections of mechanisms, work station connectivity, connected home & building systems, lighting, security and electric vehicle charging. The Simon Group team consists of 3,800 people worldwide, with operations in 18 countries, 10 of which have production centres, an international presence in 93 countries and a turnover of €304 million.

Throughout 2016, Simon has organized many activities in celebration of its 100th anniversary. These include the opening of the exhibit Interfaces, a journey through the company’s most iconic products (which has now been displayed in Madrid and Barcelona), the inauguration of a showroom in its former factory and presentations by renowned international experts in the areas of business, architecture, design and technology. This year as well, the company has been honoured with the Spanish National Design Award presented by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainability.

Simon offers users the ability to create spaces and settings that can be touched, seen, heard and felt. Unique sensations close at hand. Simon Light Up Emotions.


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