Photo © Regentaucher Leipzig
Picture © Tom Dachs
Drawing © W+V, Leipzig
Drawing © W+V, Leipzig
Picture © Tom Dachs

Theaterhaus Hall 7

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Leipzig, Germany

(No) Spinning Yarn
A former cotton spinning mill in Leipzig – until the beginning of the twentieth century the largest in continental Europe and still in operation after the fall of the Berlin Wall – has been transformed within a few years into an internationally known centre of art and culture. Under the motto »from cotton to culture« mainly artists, musicians, designers, architects, galleries, but also craftsmen and companies have taken up residence in the old factory halls. In the meantime, large parts of the approximately 10 hectare area have been renovated and revitalised..

Hall 7, which was not built in brick in 1907, but as one of the first steel skeleton structures in Leipzig in Hennebique construction, has been the new location of the theatre house since 2019 and unites the Leipzig dance theatre LTT, LOFFT – the Theatre and the Theatre of the young world (TdjW) under one roof.

On 4,000 square metres, there are administration, storage and technical rooms on several floors, as well as rehearsal rooms and two black box stage rooms on the two upper floors, one of which is a large hall with four playable sides. This was exactely the special requirement: the walls for the GraviVent shafts must be suitable for active dance and theatre play such as jumping on.

For this, the experts relied in GraviVent the silent gravity cooling system from TTC Technology. The extremely high loads require a powerful cooling system, which, for architectural reasons, also had to be largely invisible. The coolers are controlled according to the wet-bulb temperature and are operated in a sliding mode. The flow temperature of the cooling water is 16 °C, the water is returned at 18 °C, or 60 °C in the flow and 40 °C in the return in the case of heating.

→ 45 units heating/cooling convectors type ISHK 10.51 1,000 x 500 x 150 mm [L x H x D]
incl. mounting system for installation in drop shafts
→ Horizontal outlet of cooled circulating air from the bottom of the drop shaft, which is then distributed in the room
→ The simplest possible design for use in simple on-site drop shafts
→ Condensate drain connection towards the drop shaft

Homogeneous grids
Air outlets with filigree linear gratings
→ Stainless steel linear gratings type LSF, 1,450 x 240 mm [L x W], with 10 mm bar spacing = 70 % air passage + fixing plates with aluminium angle frame 25 x 25 x 3 mm
→ 2 units per GraviVent shaft (1 x top, 1 x bottom)

Technical Specification
→ Effective duct height 3,050 mm Supply/Return temperature 16/18 °C Room temperature 24 °C
Cooling efficiency min. 504 W per unit
→ Duct height 250 mm
Supply/Return temperature 60/40 °C Room temperature 21 °C
Heating efficiency min. 600 W per unit

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