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Stockholm, Sweden

URBIO was formed in 2010 by landscape architect Mattias Gustafsson. Since then the office has expanded with its assignments and is now consisting of twelve full-time employed landscape architects. The projects stretch throughout Sweden as well as a few international locations. Each project will be based on the deology to creating well working out-door space that enhances peoples quality in their everyday life.

To achieve this we belive in elevating the ecological relationships instead of neglecting them and bringing nature closer to the people living in the cities. We strive to push the boundaries on how to create ecosystem services which has a longterm effect on health among the citizens and thereby creating a longterm investment economically and environmentally.

We at URBIO wish to contribute to the debate on sustainable urban planning by developing conceptual projects and a toolbox of solutions for experiential, interactive interventions that push the boundaries for what is possible when integrating nature in cities.

Urbio is a relatively young office but we have long experience within the field. Our projects often include complex planning/assessment, conceptual development, and advanced technical detailing. The office is involved in a series of large scale urban development projects in Stockholm. We share a genuine interest in urban development issues from a landscape architectonic perspective, with particular regard to biological relationships. The office is frequently commissioned to lecturer on the landscape architectures role in sustainable urban development.
URBIO offers customers expertise, creativity and reliability through the early sketches to finished construction documents. The dialogue with the customer is important, as is a well-conducted analysis, in order to attain the most value-creating solution.

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