The perception of the work changes radically, depending on the colour temperature that is used.
Photo © Zumtobel
After a complete restoration the Rodin Museum in Paris reopened its doors to the public on 12th November 2015 - the 175th anniversary of the birth of the famous French sculptor.
Photo © Zumtobel
All the showcases in the museum are equipped with LED MICROTOOLS modules that can be tilted (flood beam, 4000 K). The lighting intensity can vary from 1% to 35% depending on the daylight situation.
Photo © Zumtobel

Musée Rodin

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Paris, France

The LUXMATE LITENET lighting management system combines with IYON Tunable White spotlights to perfectly present the works of Rodin in the heart of the renovated Hotel Biron in Paris.

The lighting concept imagined by Stéphanie Daniel is very much focused on the effective highlighting of the sculptures. Once the IYON LED spotlight was chosen, thanks to its high CRI rating of 90 and compact form, Stéphanie Daniel worked together with engineers from Zumtobel to adapt the design of the product by replacing the glass diffuser and white louvres with a honeycomb material. The patented reflector-lens system enables a precise photometric distribution.

Based on the PI-LED technology, the Tunable White technology makes it possible to vary the colour temperature between 2600 K and 5300 K. Finally, the lighting management programme was configured to include different scenarios specific to each spotlight, depending on the particular work of art, the season (summer or winter) and the time of day (afternoon or evening).

The spotlights all differ in intensity and around half of them vary in terms of colour temperature. In this way, variations of natural light can be taken into account whilst still very much respecting the contrasts on the works. A photometric curve has been extrapolated for each luminaire and reflected in the LITENET lighting management system that operates the entire installation. Thanks to this combination of considered planning and innovative technology, it has been possible to exquisitely preserve the subtle connection between daylight and artificial light throughout the course of the day and the different seasons.

Competence Zumtobel
Light for Art and Culture

Musée Rodin, Paris (FR)

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