Grove at Grand Bay

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Miami, USA

Under Construction

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Terra Group

Miami has developed a contemporary condominium vernacular that combines brise soleil style balcony shading with floor-to-ceiling windows in order to best enjoy the panoramic water views of the area. We propose to elaborate on these indigenous elements and continue the evolution of the local condominium architecture.

The two towers of the Grove at Grand Bay respond to the surroundings and to each other, to give optimum views at every level. As the two towers take off from the ground and clear the surrounding buildings, they readjust their orientation to capture the full breadth of panoramic views from sailboat bays and the marina to the Miami skyline. The interactive movement of the two towers creates a new dancing silhouette on the Grove’s skyline.

Although the center has become practically clear-cut, Coconut Grove’s identity is also closely tied to its untamed jungle-like vegetation. We propose to “re-grove” the heart of Coconut Grove, and create a landscape in tune with the surroundings. To do so, a lush jungle of vegetation blankets the parking and amenity spaces. The manmade topography is created by steps of indigenous oolite stone bluffs forming a striated landscape of the local rock.

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