Bolinder-Munktell rail track

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Eskilstuna, Sweden
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The municipality of Eskilstuna plans to improve quality of life in the existing urban structure by exploiting potentials offered by the abandoned Bolinder-Munktell rail track. The project would draw attention to Eskilstuna’s history and improve access to recreational facilities.

The track in its present form is difficult to restructure as a single unit, running as it does through districts with differing historical backgrounds and characters. Our efforts have been concerned to clarify the route taken by the track and to draw attention to its historical links by means of certain additions that stir the curiosity of the track’s users, enabling them to appreciate the setting in its time and place. By attending to such historical, social and ecological aspects along the route and by the addition of informative signposts and markers we can create an attractive recreational track suited to a range of different needs. In order to integrate the tract into the existing park structure – thereby providing additional opportunities for recreation and enjoyment of natural scenery – we link the track to neighbouring parks and playgrounds.

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