Norrtälje Harbor

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Find your harbor in Roslagen

In the proposal "Find your harbor in Roslagen", Funkia created a living, sustainable neighborhood for the whole of Norrtälje - a mixed city with inviting and varied public open spaces for all ages and prerequisites. By designing attractive meeting places that focuses on children, boats, bathing and biodiversity, the district can inspire a social, ecologically and economically sustainable environment and lifestyle.

The design of Norrtälje harbor is inspired of three different, but characteristic Norrtälje identities: the proper harbor with a large scale, flexible industrial character, the medieval small-scale town center with individually designed streets and irregular places and the surrounding cultural landscape where the "bees rock and the new hay smell against us sometimes ". The purpose was to create a new and sharp Norrtälje identity linking Norrtälje's new district with the existing city and surrounding archipelago landscape.

The jury's feedback:

The proposal has a formal quay walk with stylized Roslags meadows. It is also strongly concentrated around the proposed marina in the east, which contributes to an attractive boat spot. Stövelparken in the north east is designed with many good qualities for both children and adults.

The proposal was given the most "likes" by Norrtälje's inhabitants on the public Facebook after the exhibition of the architectural proposals for Norrtälje harbor.

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