Kontur Architects is a young, talented office with years of experience from the large offices in Aarhus. Kontur Architects is led by Marie Fenger Ehlers and Rikke Hinkbøl Jensen both of which are specialized in building architecture. The office started in august 2007 and provides services from idea and concept of the design to constructing drawings and project management. Our experience covers a broad spectrum, ranging from residential and commercial construction, culture and education to kindergarten and nursing homes etc.

Our Strategy and vision is rooted in the belief in architecture as a synthesis between form, function, construction, materials and space for human creativity. Our approach to architecture is based on the individual task and based on an evolution of ideas and concepts, the task space program, the client’s wishes, and the context and project economics.

  In each new situation and each new task, we see a wide range of potentials, only waiting to be challenged. Kontur Architects believe that architecture should be long-lasting, and we believe in sustainability as the foundation for the future of architecture. We want to provide innovative architecture based on the context and the culture in which it is to be placed and with the user in focus. We work with light / shade contrasts, textures and spatial experiences, rather than wild shapes and extravagant volumes. The office has participated in many competitions and won many first prizes. We range widely from small scale architecture and design to the large scale.

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