Helin & Co Architects

Health and Well-being Centre

Helsinki, Finland, 2018

Resulting from the ongoing renewal process of social and health services, Finland’s health centres are currently developed into health an...


Theodora House

Copenhagen, Denmark, 2020

The historic Carlsberg Brewery site in Copenhagen has opened to the public to become part of the city - and is now seriously embarking o...


Vestre Fjordpark

Aalborg, Denmark, 2017

Vestre Fjord Park is a recreational learning and experience landscape that generously contributes to the full experience of its unique si...


Aabenraa Historic City Center

Aabenraa, Denmark, 2018

In Danish market town Aabenraa, ADEPT and Topotek1 have recently completed a transformation of the historic city that creates strong link...


Urbane Beleuchtung in Kopenhagen

Kopenhagen, Denmark, 2019

Eine klimaneutrale urbane Beleuchtung für Kopenhagen. Der CPH 2025 Climate Plan ist ein langfristig angelegter Plan mit dem Ziel, die dä...

Steven Massart - Architectuurfotografie

Oslo Opera

Oslo, Norway, 2007

The dividing line between the ground and the water is both a real and a symbolic threshold and this threshold is realized as a large wall...

Tighe Architecture

New Addition to the National Museum


The design is inspired by nature and natural resources of Finland which have taken on the role of a shield and disguise in the past, thus...

Dive Architects

Swedish Library Association

Stockholm, Sweden, 2018

Fit-out of new office space located on Oxtorgsgränd in central Stockholm. The Swedish Library Association is a non-profit and politically...

Dive Architects

Swedish Bankers' Association

Stockholm, Sweden, 2015

Fit-out of new office space located on Blasieholmsgatan in central Stockholm. The Swedish Bankers' Association is an industry organisatio...

Dive Architects

Asset Management Company

Stockholm, Sweden, 2017

Fit-out of new office space located on Kungsgatan in central Stockholm. The project involved an open working landscape, two meeting roo...

Dive Architects

Dalarna House

Viksö, Sweden, 2016

There is a strong summer house tradition in Sweden celebrating the great outdoors and enjoying the precious sun-filled days in the countr...

Dive Architects

Österlen Farm House

Simris, Sweden, 2018

Grams Gård was built in 1851 and used as a farm until the 1980s by the Gram family. It is located in Österlen in Skåne. The farm is locat...

Dive Architects


Gärsnäs, Sweden, 2019

Gärsnäs is a Swedish furniture company based in the village of the same name. Founded in 1893 they have a long renowned tradition of timb...

DesignInterior JuttaReidl


Finnland, Finland, 2019

Diesen August 2019 ist der erste Satellit des Co-Work Space smartvillage online gegangen. Das smartvillage hat im HTC-Waterfront Gebäude ...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group


Copenhagen, Denmark, 2019

CopenHill, also known as Amager Bakke, opens as a new breed of waste-to-energy plant topped with a ski slope, hiking trail and climbing w...

PPAG architects

Sekundarschule Sauland

Sauland, Norway, 2019

Der Neubau einer kleinen Sekundarschule im südnorwegischen Dorf Sauland, den PPAG Arhcitecst gemeinsam mit dem norwegischen Büro Helen &a...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

The Twist

Jevnaker, Norway, 2019

Traversing the winding Randselva river, BIG’s first project in Norway, The Twist, opens as an inhabitable bridge torqued at its center, f...


Powerhouse Brattørkaia

Trondheim, Norway, 2019

The energy sector and building industry accounts for over 40 % of global industry’s heat-trapping emissions combined, according to the Wo...

Kleihues + Kleihues

Guggenheim Museum

Helsinki, Finland

Die Physiognomie des Gebäudes kann grob durch die Begriffe Erd-und Rahmenbau beschrieben werden. Die Koexistenz dieser beiden Komponenten...

Lindner Group

Neues Rathaus Bodø

Bodø, Norway, 2019

Für das Rathaus der norwegischen Kommune Bodø haben sich die Architekten von ALL | Atelier Lorentzen Langkilde Kopenhagen ein besonderes ...

Pöyry Finland Oy

Chalk process unit

Janakkala, Finland, 2010

Pöyry Finland Oy

Water treatment - Hopeakivenlahti

Kokkola, Finland, 2011

Pöyry Finland Oy

Swimming pool

Nivala, Finland, 2005

Pöyry Finland Oy

Water tower

Lohja, Finland, 2016

Pöyry Finland Oy

Water treatment

Kotka, Finland, 2010

Pöyry Finland Oy

Water treatment

Pori, Finland, 2011

Kokemäenjoen esikäsittelylaitos

Pöyry Finland Oy

Water Tower

Hyvinkää, Finland, 2015


Pöyry Finland Oy

KEKI baseball stadium

Oulu, Finland, 2015

Pöyry Finland Oy


Nyköping, Sweden

New digital "new age" control room on the roof of an existing building. Meeting room and office facilities are included. Design 2019.

Pöyry Finland Oy

Valio Dairy Factory

Riihimäki, Finland, 2018

Pöyry Finland Oy

Leppävaara Swimming pool

Espoo, Finland, 2017

Combination of renovation and new building (50%-50%)

Pöyry Finland Oy

Power Plant

Vantaa, Finland, 2013

Power Plant: Electricity and District heat, Offices, Repair shops and Maintenance unit

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

Glasir – Tórshavn College

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, Denmark, 2019

Located on the undulating fjords of Faroe Islands, with views to the capital Tórshavn, the sea and verdant fells, Glasir seeks to harvest...

Jürgen Pollak | Photographie & Film

Under | Snøhetta

Lindesnes, Norway, 2019

At the southernmost point of the Norwegian coastline by the village of Båly, a small place close to Lindesnes, Snøhetta has designed Euro...

TTC Timmler Technology GmbH

Copenhagen Concert Hall

Copenhagen, Denmark

It stands there like a shining blue cube. The new Copenhagen Concert Hall looks spectacular even from the outside. Behind its fibreglass...

Henning Larsen


Gothenburg, Sweden, 2024

Public Gardens Shape a Greener Urban Future outside Gothenburg Central public gardens forms the social heart of the 155,000 m2 urban mas...

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